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fredag 12 juli 2013

Bill of Rights or gates open, part two

Yesterday we learned more about Microsoft, as Microsoft and  NSA* had learned more about us for a period of time. I'm referring to The Guardian scoop, wich I commented - in Swedish - last night.

Well, now, it's quite easy to make fun using the first and last name of Microsoft founder and front man. A working class term for a police man back in London in the 1970s appears to have been Bill. For more suggestions you can have a quick glance here. It's interesting though, to shovel down to the roots. The word bill seems to descend from bulla, in latin, meaning document, seal (as in  papal bull).

Any way, you are all familiar with the expression peeping tom. Then, in these days, we have this phenomenon called peeping bill, someone or something following us behind our (virtual) windows. **

But to my head line, Bill of Rights.  As you can see, it's about "a number of personal freedoms", limiting "the government's power in judicial and other proceedings". From this day on, Bill of Rights got a new, shadowy meaning too.

So open your gates, someone or something will bill out here.

And by the way,  look out for the new best sellers "From Watergate to Billgate" and "From Social Media to Socialized Media" .

*) NSA = No Secrets Allowed
**) 90% of you read this by using Windows as a looking glass (oh, we are all a big happy global family under the rule of open source)

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