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fredag 20 september 2013

Not a steep flop

The Nokia years were not a steep flop for Stephen Elop. During this session he got away with a lot of chips on his bank account. No one rubbed his face or robbed his future. In the old days you could gain about 30 silver coins for these kind of transactions but Elop will secure his days with up to 30 millions euros for his alien show.

Or am I wrong? Was Nokia in a worse state than we ever thought. The rubber boots leaking and the tyres tired and flat. Is 30 000 000 € a cheap insurance or dowry for something completely downy.

And then a finish...

Eppujen Murheellisten laulujen maan uudessa versiossa on tämä rivi "Lumihanki, poliisi ja viimeinen erhe" päivitettävä viittauksella Nokian älypuhelinhankkeeseen...

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