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fredag 12 september 2014

Stubbik society

There is or here is the ubik or ubiquitous society. Some can describe it better than others:

"The Ubiquitous Network Society is an umbrella term for the next generation of information and communication technology, in which formerly separate developments will meet and join forces. The effects will be wide-reaching. Information technology will intrude into every location and situation; all kinds of content will be created, distributed, and consumed digitally, and all kinds of objects, goods, and even places will be integrated into the network with the help of ubiquitous electronic sensors."
(TOWARDS UBIQUITOUS NETWORK SOCIETY. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology)

There is or here in Finland is also the Stubbik society. The shaper of this phenomenon to come, to be and to stay is Alexander Stubb, an athletic politician who seems to be all over the place at anytime. He really intrudes to every location and situation; he creates all kinds of content, distributes and consumes them digitally.

In Finland we also have this thing called "kolmikanta", that is a threesome in political decision making, consisting of representants for the government, the employers and the employees. According to rumours, there is a will to give the "kolmikanta" a new nickname - triathlon.


(By the way, Ubik is a novel by Philip K Dick.)

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