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torsdag 30 oktober 2014

Das Nanoboot

When you are on a sick leave, you don't leave the sickness, you stay with your illness. Think about sick things.

Or just remember things. For example when you were young and sick and home from school and read the Jules Verne books about captain Nemo and submarine Nautilus. Or when you were a little bit older and a little bit sicker and more home from school and read the Isaac Asimov book Fantastic Voyage - based on the film with the same title - about scientist Jan Benes and submarine Proteus.

Now we don´t need any shrinking devises and programs, we don't need any surfing around, up and down vast and wide oceans. "Google Says 'Nanobots In Our Bloodstream, Brains On The Cloud, And Immortality By The Year 2035'". On my next sick leave I would like to read a book about unmanned submarine Das Nanoboot chipping around in my bloodstream, rebooting me.

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