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tisdag 17 mars 2015

I stubb, you stubb, they stubb

iStubb - smart finder, when your phone, key or bag is on the run, just do find it with iStubb. But also, and this is no surprise, when you consider the name of it:
"Do you want to take your mobile Selfie or other images that require the camera is trigged remotely? iStubb triggers the camera shutter conveniently up to 50 feet away."
Now the important question is, can it find smartness as well? Or some other body part or feature. In Bloomberg Finlands prime minister for the moment, Alexander Stubb, shows that at least he has got it: "Spineless Politicians Anger Finnish Premier as Debts Mount". Stubb is not only a normal prime minister, he is also a spine minister.

And interviewed by Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company), he wrote his 3 step missile message to the youth on the black board. This is what he and his party Kokoomus (The National Coalition Party) has to offer the shape of Finns to come in the next election:

1) dream
2) work hard
3) succeed

For a workmanlike triathlonist that would be a piece of cake; swim 4 km, cycle 180 km, run 42 km.

But what does Stubb really mean, not as a triathlonist, but as a prime minister? Does he hint, that the youngsters of Finland can and has to do it for themselves. Is this a political version of iStubb, a smart finder for good citizenship?

Is Alexander Stubb inventing a new organisation concept? The stubbsidiary enterprise. Youngsters succeed by following Alexander's one - two - three way and Stubb gets the credit. Promising future, stubbed matter.


But so long for the moment, now I'll go and dream, work hard and succeed with Stubberware tweets.

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