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lördag 22 augusti 2015

Justin sez "Just do in Gatlin!"

I just do like fair sports, clean and without cheating. Of course - as no man is an island - no man starts from the same point. We all have different backgrounds, upbringings, genes, routines et cetera. We are no robots, no clones.

And in arts and in other tracks & fields of life doping is alloud. I mean, people do alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pills, what ever gives a kick start, good vibrations and brilliant ideas. So why not a pint of epo for the running man, as there's no use of booze?

Well, you tell me! But I still prefer athletes on no dope - and once caught the sentence should be for a lifetime. As I prefer a novel written by the person on the cover and not by ghost writers, if you see what I mean.

But the rules are like they are and the rulers have their own tracks. So I just hope that when Justin Gatlin goes out cruising in Beijing for nine seconds and a half, he has not being cruising on or doing in some forbidden power pills.

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