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lördag 13 februari 2016

F-scream when Icecream

Let's face it by the book, if Facebook was a religion or a state of country - and not of mind - a lot of us would leave for good, turn into Facebook refugees. But perhaps a lot of us are suffering from a new kind of Stockholm syndrome, the Facebook syndrome. You can't say no to the hand that feeds you, chains you. Welcome to the Burkaland of social media.

Anyway, Facebook is on war against nakedness. Some thirty forty years ago I heard that public libraries in Finland, for a while anyway, rejected Walt Disney's comic magazines. A Donald Duck without pants was a threat against western civilization, at least in sauna country.

Recently I've got to know that Facebook has been censoring - for example - pictures of The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and Evelyne Axxell's painting "Ice Cream".

This is a screen capture from the Facebook of Philadelphia Museum of Art. "We recently posted this picture on Facebook, but it was removed by Facebook for “containing excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content.”
No nudes, says Facebook.
But aggression and violence is normally okey.
Inspired by the Ice Cream gate refered to above,
I hereby present a new thumb.
So, on Facebook
we can say
"fuck you"
to each other.
But art
is a fart
in the face
of Zuckerbook.  
But of course, nothing above said
has anything to do
with the real thing,
so this is just what it is.

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