måndag 5 december 2016

Unidentified flying object

A floating saucerful of secrets

The vast, last shade of the lamp,
its metal head,
thin white legs.
Stardust from above,
from underneath.

This lonely cloud floating
in a rocky universe,
this flying saucerful of secrets.
Meeting on a timetable
between a polarized planet
and comets and asteroids
with swimmer's tail.

An ark of Noahs and nobodies,
pairing organic and inorganic,
reasons and rubbish,
means of love
and martial arts.

A rescue boat crowded
with all that humanity got left,

boundless opportunities
for every individual
answer an question.

We floating saucerful of secrets,
standing on the top of toes,

with noses barely on surfaces.
If we at least could be
an unidentified flying object
for someone to love or fear.

(sound track: Pink Floyd | A Saucerful Of Secrets)

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