lördag 26 augusti 2017

Turku Stands Still 24.8.2017

A normal evening in Turku.
Aura river from the Cathedral Bridge.
Watching in front of the old Main Library building Bibliotheca.
Glancing along the street in both directions.
Late bird outside Café Sirius at the Library yard.
Some having fun on the the Wall of the new Main Library building.
TAFF loops reflected on the remainings from half a millennium ago, two meters down in history.
The subject given for this years TAFF loop competition was the Finnish summer; sometimes sunny...
...sometimes - or once in a while mostly - rainy...
...but we don't care.
Looking through the News area at the Main Library - across Linnankatu (Castle street) the legendary indie music club Dynamo.
The News area from the other side, on Linnankatu.
The News area gallery is always open for passersby.
Buildings can also be something to enjoy...
...and libraries can make you smile as well.
This evening four months to go to Christmas.
The river is still there, everything in it's right place.
No comments.
Next morning a few moving away...
...and some standing still.

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