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tisdag 7 juli 2015

Strikingly blue'n'white

Alexis Tsipras, blue'n'white striker
Jari Litmanen, blue'n'white striker.
The Greek myth of Ajax (according to Wikipedia):

"Ajax, with his great shield and spear, manages to drive off the Trojans, while Odysseus pulls the body to his chariot, and rides away with it to safety. After the burial, each claims Achilles' magical armor for himself as recognition for his heroic efforts. After several days of competition, Odysseus and Ajax are tied for the ownership of the divine armor, which had been forged on Mount Olympus by the smith-god Hephaestus. It is then that a competition is held to determine who deserves the armor. Ajax argues that because of his strength and the fighting he has done for the Greeks, including saving the ships from Hector, and driving him off with a massive rock, he deserves the armor. However, Odysseus proves to be more eloquent, and the council gives him the armor. Ajax, 'Unconquered', and furious, falls upon his own sword, 'conquered by his sorrow'."

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